The Scroll by K.B. Hoyle - A Read Along Review

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

We're now at Book 5 of K.B. Hoyle's The Gateway Chronicles - The Scroll!. 5 down, one to go!

Kate's Take

The book The Scroll by K. B. Hoyle is all about Darcy Pennington and her five friends trying to rescue the king of the magical world Alitheia. One morning Darcy’s companion, Sam, finds a mirror under her pillow. With the mirror you can see anyone you want, as long as you say their name. Darcy says her Intended's name, Tellius the king and finds out he has been captured and tortured. She and her friends Sam, Amelia, Dean, Perry, and Lewis go to Alitheia and discover some secrets that people didn’t know for a long time. Tselloch sends one of his servants, a boy from their world, Colin, to try to get them to make a deal for exchange for their king, Tellius. Of course, they immediately throw him the dungeon and don’t make agree and find another way to get their king back. I thought the book was a great book and definitely recommend reading this book the rest of series.

My Take


And that's how I felt when Darcy, who we've followed for five books now, demonstrates that after all her successes and struggles in Alitheia, she's still not a Superwoman, and can make a terrible decision.

K.B. Hoyle's The Gateway Chronicles are a saga that follows a group of kids for six books, each book representing one year in Alitheia. Personally, I appreciate saga as a form of storytelling, because it allows the reader to really get into the lives of the characters and plot, and better understand the motivations of the characters and the world the author has built.

It's also the kind of storytelling that makes us look at a character and think, "Are you freakin' kidding, Darcy? Remember this, and this, and this, and this, and you're still going to run off and do that?"

But then, how often do we look at ourselves, especially as we get older, and think, "Am I freakin' kidding? Remember, this and this, and this, and this, and I'm still going to run off and do that?"

For my past reviews, I discussed how Hoyle handled different themes in the books. For book 5, The Scroll, I appreciated the action in the story. Five books is enough time to become invested in the characters, and we can feel their falls harder and glory more in their successes. I want to say that Darcy had a rough run on her fifth trip to Alitheia, but then, none of the trips were easy. The fact that this book is built on the backs of four other books makes it an even more compelling story, and rams the reader right into the final book in the series - The Bone Whistle, which I am very excited to read!

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