Amy's Review - The Six by K.B. Hoyle

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

I'm excited to present my first guest post! My daughter, Amy, has written a review of the re-release of The Six by K.B. Hoyle, the first book in The Gateway Chronicles.

My name is Amy. I am 13 years old, and have a love for fiction and fantasy. When my mom told me that there is a new book I could read and then write a review on, I jumped on the opportunity right away.

The book is called The Six by K. B. Hoyle. It's mainly about a girl named Darcy. Darcy is a 13 year old girl that says she doesn't want to make any friends, but deep inside she knows she needs them. When her parents tell Darcy they are going on a family vacation, her younger brother Roger is excided, but Darcy is far from it. Darcy goes to the summer camp with her family where she meets new friends, Samantha, Lewis, Perry, Amelia, and Dean. When she goes to a place called Gnomes Haven with Samantha, Darcy accidentally crosses a border and enters a new world. During her time in a place called Alitheia, she learns that her and her friends are part of a very important prophecy. She crossed the first time alone, then the people who found her said she had to bring her friends, and come back when she rounds them up. As one year passes in Alitheia, no time passes here. The second time that she crosses over she brings her friends. They then learn about the prophecy and go on the greatest adventure of their lives, to destroy a villain called The Shadow that took over Alitheia.

You need to read this book because it is a great book and it teaches you a value of friendship. You never know what will happen the next time you turn the page, and there are times in the book where you are really wondering what will happen next. If you are the kind of person who likes to make predictions, this is the perfect book to be able to make predictions. It keeps you on edge at times, it can be slow, but at the times it is slow, it speeds up like 2 pages later. This book is one of the the best I have ever read. I have read the book 2 times and am reading it for the third time. I love this book so much.

This book is great and I highly recommend it for preteens and teens.

Want to read the book? Order it on amazon here, for Kindle or in paperback or in audiobook.

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